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Invention services provider InventionHome.com finalizes its 100th agreement, reaching a major milestone in the business of marketing and licensing inventions and invention ideas. InventionHome continues to drive marketing and license agreements for its clients, differentiating itself as a true industry leader.

Monroeville, PA. April 30, 2010 – InventionHome is pleased to announce the execution and completion of its 100th marketing and licensing agreement. “Leaf Wizard,” an innovative lawn & garden product, marks this centennial agreement for InventionHome.  This item, featured here (Click to View), is slated to appear on QVC this fall.

“We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings seven years ago,” said InventionHome president Russ Williams. “Our network of companies relying on us for innovative products has hit a critical mass, which enables us to easily generate interest on original and ground-breaking inventions and invention ideas.”

InventionHome has become a trusted resource for inventors who need assistance with patents, designs, marketing, license negotiation and agreement maintenance. 

To request a free inventor kit, click FREE Inventor Kit or call 866-844-6512.

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SnuggieTM creator breaks ground on new product infomercial Allstar Marketing Group is well-known for creating successful TV products such as the SnuggieTM, the Topsy Turvy®, and the Perfect BrownieTM. We’re hopeful that their next big success will have roots with InventionHome.

The infomercial giant recently licensed an InventionHome product, and they are slated to begin production on the infomercial in early May. Although we can’t disclose product details at this time (we’re sworn to secrecy), we CAN provide a list of criteria that are used to evaluate a products’ potential infomercial success.

Take a look.

  • Does the product have mass appeal? (Would many people buy it?)
  • Does the product demonstrate well? (Would it make an interesting demo?)
  • Is there sufficient markup potential? (Most ‘As Seen on TV’ products have a four to five-time markup) Does the product solve a real problem? (Ideally will provide an immediate benefit…not just a preventative/potential problem)
  • Would the product likely sell for $19.99? (Higher retails might be considered for a longer-format TV spot, but $19.99 is an ideal price point)

If you believe that your invention would make a good infomercial product, InventionHome can help approach Allstar and other companies seeking new, TV-worthy items. 

Click to Request FREE Info Kit –   or call 866-844-6512

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InventionHome is pleased to announce their sponsorship of the Inventors Spotlight at the 2010 National Hardware Show along with the United Inventors Association and Garden Weasel®.

The National Hardware Show is one of the largest annual trade shows in the world, gathering over 2,800 consumer products companies at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Inventor’s Spotlight is for inventors with products that bring new, unique and original solutions to today’s homeowner.


Would you like to attend the show?

Plan to attend a full-day inventor education conference hosted by the United Inventors Association and the National Hardware Show called Get Ready for Retail.


Don’t let your invention stay stuck in the “idea-only” phase. This full-day educational seminar features 18 Invention Industry Leaders offering simple, practical tips on your road to success.

Day: May 3rd – 9am to 5pm

Place: Las Vegas Convention Center, Room S219

Register Now!  http://nationalhardwareshow.com/en/Show-Information/Get-Ready-For-Retail/


Would you like to exhibit your invention at the show?

Who should exhibit?

  • Inventors with inventions in the Hardware, Housewares, Lawn/Garden & Outdoor, Painting, Plumbing & Electrical and Storage & Organization categories 
  • Inventors with prototypes or finished products that can be easily demonstrated.  Patent protection is recommended.

 For more information on registering and cost for an Inventor Spotlight booth:

  • Please contact John Lederer from Reed Expo at JLederer@reedexpo.com or 203-840-5381
  • Exhibit spaces are limited (space will sell out)

 When / Where: May 4-6th / Las Vegas Convention Center.


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