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InventionHome is pleased to announce the successful completion of their 112th marketing/license agreement, 32 of which occurred in calendar year 2010 (as of September 30th).  An impressive tally of brokered deals.


InventionHome’s most recent licensing success is a product called CapTails™.  The patented device connects glasses (sunglasses, safety glasses, etc.) to a hat by means of stretchable and adjustable clips and a cord.  CapTailsTM allow the user to wear their eyewear on top of their cap and not have to worry about them falling off and getting lost or broken. Also when your glasses are on, your cap can not blow away.

The licensee of the clever device took interest in the product because of its simplicity and unique position in the market.  It will complement the rest of their product line nicely, and has already drawn the interest of a national retailer.  CapTailsTM should reach the retail market in early 2011.

Call 1-866-844-6512 for information on licensing your invention for royalties!


For more information about Invention Home you can visit the following websites – http://twitter.com/inventionhome, http://inventionhome.blogspot.com/, http://mvelette.wordpress.com/, http://www.facebook.com/invention.home


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First of its kind gateway for connecting inventors worldwide with North American companies seeking innovative products and inventions


Monroeville, PA July 20, 2010 – InventionHome today introduced the North American Product Innovation Network SM, a first of its kind gateway for providing inventors easy access to North American companies seeking innovative products and inventions available for wholesale, license or acquisition.  North American Product Innovation NetworkSM also provides companies across North America with a centralized source for finding innovative products within the United States and beyond.

“Our goal is to create a single point of entry, or gateway, into every North American company interested in product innovation” said Russell Williams, President of InventionHome. “We have created the network and system for sharing and submitting new products and inventions with companies in a more efficient and effective way than ever before.”

North American Product Innovation NetworkSM consists of thousands of companies seeking innovative products available for wholesale, license or acquisition as well as the system for submitting innovative products and inventions to those companies.  These companies include manufacturers, distributors, DRTV / infomercial companies and retailers that have registered with InventionHome or its affiliate MatchProduct.com to receive new invention opportunities.  The system for submitting and sharing innovative products and inventions includes targeted product alerts, online search functionality, and/or an electronic submission management system for automating the overall submission process for companies.

North American Product Innovation NetworkSM also consists of an indirect “partner network” for sharing new inventions with companies that are not directly registered with InventionHome or its affiliate MatchProduct.com.  This partner network consists of a growing list of prominent product associations and tradeshows who will be utilizing an integrated search portal on their websites to enable site visitors to search the InventionHome and MatchProduct.com databases for non-confidential invention opportunities.  These organizations currently include the National Hardware Show (produced by Reed Exhibitions), International Housewares Association (IHA), National Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) and Response Magazine / Direct Response Manufacturers Association (DRMA).  The search portal enables these organizations to offer their members quick and easy access to new products and inventions directly from their websites, thus enhancing their member benefits while expanding the network reach to thousands of additional companies using their websites. 


Pricing & Availability

For companies seeking innovative products, the North American Product Innovation NetworkSM is FREE.  To learn more, email member@inventionhome.com

For inventors seeking companies to wholesale, license or acquire their inventions, the North American Product Innovation Network SM offers various submission / marketing program options through affiliates InventionHome and MatchProduct.com, depending on the development status of the particular product / invention.

Inventors with fully-developed, manufactured products may select the free listing option on www.MatchProduct.com, which provides a listing on MatchProduct.com and “partner network” sites.  These inventors may also select a proactive submission / marketing program option that expands the program to an outbound, proactive approach for a modest fee.  The program fee structure is $39 per month / $139 setup / royalty share / cancel at any time.

Inventors with inventions that are not fully-developed may also utilize the proactive submission / marketing program to pursue licensing / royalty opportunities.  The program fee structure is $599 setup / $14.99 per month / royalty share / cancel at any time.  The program setup fee also includes the creation of a sales and invention portfolio webpage, product due diligence management and contract negotiation management.  Patent, design and virtual prototype services are sold separately.  The free listing option on MatchProduct.com is not available for inventions that are not fully-developed and manufactured.  To request additional inventor information, call 1-866-844-6512 or email info@inventionhome.com.

InventionHome and MatchProduct.com are divisions of Jacob Enterprises, Inc. headquartered in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.  Since its inception in 2002, Jacob Enterprises has been a product innovation resource for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and other companies seeking to add or expand products (or lines) through product distribution, acquisition and licensing.  For information call 866-844-6512 or visit www.inventionhome.com.  Additional information is available at www.inventionhome.wordpress.com, www.twitter.com/inventionhome and www.inventionhome.blogspot.com.

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Invention service provider InventionHome.com sponsors inventor venues at two major industry tradeshows.

Monroeville, PA. June 29, 2010 – InventionHome is pleased to recap our recent tradeshow adventures.  In early May, we sponsored the “Inventors Spotlight” area of the National Hardware Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  InventionHome president, Russell Williams, served as a judge/panelist along with other esteemed invention-industry experts.  Nearly 80 inventors participated in the pavilion, and found immeasurable value in both the educational speaker series and the show traffic which included representatives from Black & Decker, Ace Hardware, Home Depot and thousands of other hardware manufacturers and retailers.

Also in May, we sponsored the “Inventors Pavilion” at the Response Expo which was held at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront.  This tradeshow spotlighted Direct Response TV companies, products and vendors.  In addition to exhibiting in the Pavilion, Inventors were given the opportunity to attend seminars from industry experts and pitch their product in person to BJ Global Direct. 

Both tradeshows provided excellent opportunities for InventionHome representatives to reconnect with familiar companies and bring many new companies onboard with our streamlined HotLinksTM system for sharing unique product ideas available for license.   

To get started with your invention, call – 1-866-844-6512


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For more information about the tradeshows:

National Hardware Show:  http://www.nationalhardwareshow.com/

Response Expo:  http://www.responsemagazine.com/response-expo/home-page

We have additional tradeshows scheduled for fall and winter 2010 and will provide further info as it becomes available.

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When inventors Mark Higgins and Vivian Hurd first conceived the idea of a new invention that would transfer conventional recessed lighting into directional lighting, they never imagined that one day their invention would be sold under one of the world’s most recognizable brands, General Electric.

The inventors, with the help of InventionHome, licensed their patented invention to Jasco Products Company.  Jasco is a GE licensee of consumer electronic accessories, computer accessories, home electric products, personal security and surveillance products.  Their products are sold in thousands of retail stores, including Lowe’s, Home Depot, Target, etc. 

Mark and Vivian never aspired to develop, manufacture and sell their invention themselves.  They knew that the financial risks were far too great, and frankly they preferred to team up with a company that already had the knowledge, resources and distribution channels needed to make the invention a success.  So the pair set out in search of licensing opportunities for their invention, and soon teamed up with InventionHome whose streamlined marketing program quickly brought exposure to their invention, and ultimately, the license with Jasco.   

 It is every inventor’s dream to see their product on retail shelves, and inventors Mark and Vivian are very close to realizing that dream.  Says Vivian, “It is such a thrill to see our invention come to life and be packaged under such a well-known brand as GE.  The potential for financial success is now very real for us.”

For help with your invention, call 1-866-844-6512.

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Invention services provider InventionHome.com finalizes its 100th agreement, reaching a major milestone in the business of marketing and licensing inventions and invention ideas. InventionHome continues to drive marketing and license agreements for its clients, differentiating itself as a true industry leader.

Monroeville, PA. April 30, 2010 – InventionHome is pleased to announce the execution and completion of its 100th marketing and licensing agreement. “Leaf Wizard,” an innovative lawn & garden product, marks this centennial agreement for InventionHome.  This item, featured here (Click to View), is slated to appear on QVC this fall.

“We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings seven years ago,” said InventionHome president Russ Williams. “Our network of companies relying on us for innovative products has hit a critical mass, which enables us to easily generate interest on original and ground-breaking inventions and invention ideas.”

InventionHome has become a trusted resource for inventors who need assistance with patents, designs, marketing, license negotiation and agreement maintenance. 

To request a free inventor kit, click FREE Inventor Kit or call 866-844-6512.

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Monroeville, PA – InventionHome is pleased to announce a versatile pet product available for licensing called the Tug Toss and Bait Training Toy. 


Independent inventor Candy Lynch searched for a tool  that would function as an outdoor training aid for her medium-sized dog and provide fun and amusement when inside the house.   After careful thought and a series of designs, she came up with a hybrid product called the Tug Toss and Bait Training Toy.


The Tug Toss and Bait Training Toy is a rugged product that allows a pet owner to teach a dog to retrieve or fetch the item during training sessions.  The versatile unit is also well-suited as an indoor toy that the dog can enjoy during play time. 


Lynch’s toy can be customized to appeal to various breeds, sizes, and skill levels.  While a Golden Retriever or larger breed may require a toy with a handle suitable for tossing, an agility dog will respond better to a tug toy which can be thrown over obstacles by the handler.  Each design contains a handle on one end and a tennis-sized ball on the opposite end.  A compartment located between the handle and ball will hold a squeaking toy or treat to encourage the dog while training or at play.


InventionHome  is actively seeking companies interested in licensing the Tug Toss and Bait Training Toy.  If you would like to see additional images or learn more about the product, please call (866) 844-6512 x 119.

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Pet Belt

Monroeville, PA – InventionHome is pleased to announce an innovative pet product, available for licensing, from independent inventor Roy Garcia called the Pet Belt.


California resident Roy Garcia watched fellow pet walkers juggle keys, a leash, cell phone, dog treats and waste bags during his early morning and late afternoon walks.  Although Garcia made it a rule to only carry essential items with him during his twice daily excursions, he found himself searching for keys and a cell phone on more than one occasion.


Garcia came up with a solution to better organize pet walkers’ personal items called the Pet Belt.  The Pet Belt is an adjustable product worn around the waist that includes two pockets attractively designed to fit an MP3 player and cell phone.  The product has storage compartments to hold smaller items such as keys, currency and even a garage door remote.  A small zip-top bag component is perfect for dog treats and a second unit of the same size is ideal for waste bags. There is also a unique cup-holding component to carry a beverage or water container.  Each compartment can be easily removed and replaced along the belt, as desired. Several heavy-duty clips are permanently positioned along the belt so pet owners with more than one dog can enjoy a leisurely stroll or run.     


Garcia and InventionHome are actively seeking companies interested in licensing the Pet Belt.   If you would like to see additional images or learn more about the product, please call (866) 844-6512 x 119, or email us at member@inventionhome.com.


If you are an inventor and need help with an invention, request free information at: http://www.inventionhome.com/info/index.asp?referred=invpressrelease

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