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In this business, inventors and companies alike strive to develop another runaway hit TV product like the Snuggie®, “America’s favorite blanket with sleeves”.  We at InventionHome can attest to the hard work and incredible good fortune it takes to get a shot at infomercial success.  We’re hoping that a new television campaign starting this week will turn “rags to riches” for our inventor Daria W.

Daria’s product, which she dubbed “The Cargo Sling” caught the attention of Allstar Marketing Group, maker of the celebrated Snuggie.  After a few modifications to the product, a spiffy new name, and completion of a test infomercial, it’s now sink or swim time as Allstar tests the 2-minute commercial on national television this week.

The product, re-named “BundleBuddy”, consists of a band of Lycra material with integral pockets.  It slips easily around auto seats to provide a secure way to hold down everything from groceries, to purses, to take-out food.  No longer will your belongings be thrown onto the car floor when you brake suddenly or take a sharp turn. 

View commercial.


So we ask you to send good karma, happy thoughts, and maybe even order a Bundle Buddy for yourself, and let’s root on fellow inventor Daria!

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Monroeville, PA– InventionHome is pleased to feature a patent-protected tool for splitting pills of any shape called the Rotatable Pill Splitter.  Independent inventor Walt Cheney is working with InventionHome to market and license his product to companies in exchange for royalties.

Walt created, prototyped and was awarded a utility patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for his tool that gives individuals the option to halve and quarter pills with great accuracy.

The product consists of a lid and base with interchangeable pill beds in a variety of colors to accommodate a number of standard and unique pill sizes.  When the user wants to split a pill he selects the correct bed to match the pill size and inserts both into the device.  The pill bed holds the pill into the proper position and aligns it with the blade below.  The user rotates the outside lever of the pill bed and presto….the pill is split!

This is a great product for any individual who has a difficult time cutting a pill of any shape.  How many times has a doctor increased or decreased the dosage of a frequently prescribed drug and decided to write a new script for the medication?  In many circumstances the individual could have a supply at home and would love to split or quarter his previously purchased meds to get the right dosage.  The Rotatable Pill Splitter allows the user to be economical and accurate with his medication.

InventionHome continues to market Cheney’s product to interested companies.  For more information on the Rotatable Pill Splitter or invention-related services please contact InventionHome at (866) 844-6512.










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Pet Belt

Monroeville, PA – InventionHome is pleased to announce an innovative pet product, available for licensing, from independent inventor Roy Garcia called the Pet Belt.


California resident Roy Garcia watched fellow pet walkers juggle keys, a leash, cell phone, dog treats and waste bags during his early morning and late afternoon walks.  Although Garcia made it a rule to only carry essential items with him during his twice daily excursions, he found himself searching for keys and a cell phone on more than one occasion.


Garcia came up with a solution to better organize pet walkers’ personal items called the Pet Belt.  The Pet Belt is an adjustable product worn around the waist that includes two pockets attractively designed to fit an MP3 player and cell phone.  The product has storage compartments to hold smaller items such as keys, currency and even a garage door remote.  A small zip-top bag component is perfect for dog treats and a second unit of the same size is ideal for waste bags. There is also a unique cup-holding component to carry a beverage or water container.  Each compartment can be easily removed and replaced along the belt, as desired. Several heavy-duty clips are permanently positioned along the belt so pet owners with more than one dog can enjoy a leisurely stroll or run.     


Garcia and InventionHome are actively seeking companies interested in licensing the Pet Belt.   If you would like to see additional images or learn more about the product, please call (866) 844-6512 x 119, or email us at member@inventionhome.com.


If you are an inventor and need help with an invention, request free information at: http://www.inventionhome.com/info/index.asp?referred=invpressrelease

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I have found working with you and your firm to be outstanding and highly professional. As a self employed businessman with staff, I know what it takes to get a company to this level and I commend Mr. Williams on what appears to be a fine business model that he has developed. Thanks again for all of your help.  Marc, Inventor

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