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Monroeville, PA – InventionHome is pleased to feature a patent-protected teaching tool for children called Skissors.  Independent inventors Dawn and Bob Kenny are working with InventionHome to market and license their product to companies in exchange for royalties.


The idea for Skissors began when the mom and dad team noticed their children handling scissors at home.  Fearing their children could injure themselves, Dawn and Bob thought about solutions and created a prototype combining hole covers built into a traditional pair of scissors.  The simple and effective prototype forces a child to properly insert their thumb and index finger the correct depth into the wholes and safely use the tool for home and school projects. 


The Kenny’s product was awarded a utility patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 


InventionHome continues to market the Kenny’s product to interested companies.  For more information on Skissors or invention-related services please contact InventionHome at (866) 844-6512.




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InventionHome.com strives to make more dynamic and timely searches available to all manufacturers seeking new inventions available for license or sale.

InventionHome.com announces new changes to its iShowOnlineTM marketplace, following feedback from inventor and corporate clients.  The high quality, low cost invention services provider has added the creation of an ‘Express Search’ function, allowing users to perform a partial search of its iShowOnlineTM marketplace without the use of a login and password.  The iShowOnlineTM marketplace is one of two methods utilized by InventionHome to share and communicate new product ideas with its network of over 3,500 manufacturers. Prior to the change, manufacturers were required to register for a login and password to gain full access to products listed on the iShowOnlineTM.  With the ‘Express Search’ users can now perform searches on products that are classified as non-confidential or have an issued utility or design patent.  Access to all other confidential inventions would still require the use of a login and password and signed nondisclosure agreement.  The change in search functionality is expected to significantly increase the exposure and license opportunities for all inventor inventions listed with InventionHome.


If you need help with an idea, request a free information package http://www.inventionhome.com/info/index.asp?referred=rel.ishowonline



About InventionHome

Invention Home has created a low cost, low risk, streamlined system for helping inventors through each step of the invention process.  The ultimate goal of this system is to connect the inventor with a manufacturer who will license the invention for royalties. Most recently, Invention Home launched MatchProduct.com, a free marketplace for helping inventors and small companies with fully developed, innovative products connect with retailers, wholesalers or manufacturers.  Call 866-844-6512.

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