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Invention of the Week:  Expandable Power Strip / Expandable Wall Plug
Do those bulky transformer plugs drive you **crazy**?  Well, Mr. Yekusiel Teitelbaum has ‘transformed’ standard outlets to accommodate for the clunky chargers…
Most households contain multiple charging devices for cell phones, handheld gaming systems, cameras, MP3 players, etc.  The large plugs are bulky and sometimes prevent adjacent plugs from being used at the same time.  Expandable Power Strip enables the user to expand the space between plugs, allowing oversized plugs to be easily plugged into the power strip. Eliminating the hassle of unplugging some items in order to make room for the large plug, Expandable Power Strip is a convenient product for use in areas where many electronics or appliances need to be plugged in, such as home offices, bedrooms or living rooms.  A wall-plug version is also covered by Mr. Teitelbaum’s patent.
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