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Invention of the Week:  Doggie Fountain

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This week’s featured invention is truly “for the dogs”…
The innovative “Doggie Fountain” was invented by Tony Lytle.  Tony has a Utility Patent on file for his unique invention, which operates similar to a drinking fountain but is modified to provide clean, fresh water for friends of the four-legged variety.
Doggie Fountain hooks up easily to an outdoor hose, and features a paddle that is depressed by the dog’s paw in order to activate the water flow. With minimal training, the pet can easily learn how to use the device.  Sure beats the dirty (and often empty) water bowls of yester-year!  Tony has produced samples both in stainless steel and in plastic, and has sold in limited quantities. 
doggie_fountain22  doggie_fountain33  doggie_fountain43

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What I liked about InventionHome was that they made the process really easy. They are a one-stop shop for all the steps. A lot of this can be very confusing for an inventor that has never gone down this road before. InventionHome brings it all together. And, what I was really impressed with was how much effort they put on the back-end of getting my product licensed and for an inventor that’s the most important thing.

Inventor, Dave D. – Ohio

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We are constantly looking for new products in order to grow our business and InventionHome has enabled us to streamline that process much more quickly… We are working on several licenses with Invention Home… It’s great to have a company that looks to us and brings us new ideas… InventionHome takes the time to know our business and send us products that pertain to us.

Marsha Dunmyre
Director of Operations

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Thank you for Licensing my invention! It is very difficult for a person to try to develop and license their product on their own. InventionHome has the ability to reach out to appropriate manufacturing companies for me made the process practically stress free and they ultimately succeeded in licensing my product to a reliable company. Everyone at Invention Home was very pleasant and helpful to work with and they guided me well with their professional advise throughout the whole process. 

Inventor, Carol M.

For more info – http://www.inventionhome.com/info/index.asp?referred=wordpress

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Invention of the Week: Critter Litter


Barbara McNew knew she had to invent a better way to manage her cat’s litter box… 

Barbara’s innovative product was designed to simplify the dreaded task of cleaning cat litter boxes.    The Critter Litter is a collapsible, disposable litter box, which allows for an improved way to change a litter box without the scooping, heavy bags or ambient odors associated with traditional litter boxes.  This innovative product offers many benefits to the cat owner such as; a convenient and easy means for dealing with cat litter boxes, 100% biodegradable, eliminates retention of odors, no more scooping litter or heavy bags, no more plastic trays, portable unit fits today’s busy lifestyles, collapses for convenient storage and disposal after use and offered in various designs to fit different tastes and holiday themes. Barb has an issued US Utility patent on her invention.

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Each week InventionHome.com posts a great new invention from everyday inventors looking to cash in on their creative thinking.  If you have a new idea and would like help through the invention and patent process, please request an information package at – http://www.inventionhome.com/info/index.asp?referred=wordpress

Keep Inventing…

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