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Marketing Director Colleen Kelly oversees signing of License Agreement at the National Hardware Show.

The snow has melted, the flowers are in bloom, and the spring trade show season has come to a close.  Our sponsorship of the inventors’ areas at three big shows (Housewares, Response Expo, and Hardware) culminated with the signing of a licensing agreement on the floor of the National Hardware Show (NHS).  Executives from Crown Bolt met with inventor Richard Bushey at the InventionHome booth to execute an agreement for the Flip-Down Doorstop.  What a great way to symbolize the exceptional value of the “show within a show”, the area on the floor where inventors meet face-to-face with companies looking for new products.

Traffic at the NHS’s “Inventors Spotlight” was brisk, making the aisles difficult to maneuver at times as over ninety inventors demonstrated their products to an inquisitive audience.   The InventionHome booth located at the front of the area was busy as well, showcasing a dozen or so clients’ products as the InventionHome staff met with existing member companies and new companies interested in finding innovative products.

Elsewhere on the show floor, several products previously licensed through InventionHome were on display in the Licensees’ booths.  These included the Bi-light, Captails, Wurkpads and the Saw Through Saw Horse.  Initial response to these items has been excellent!

Inventors exhibiting or attending the show were invited to a free seminar presented by the United Inventors Association (UIA).  InventionHome was pleased to sponsor the presenters’ luncheon where guests included AJ Khubani, CEO of Telebrands Corp., and Dave Kappos, Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

The UIA also awarded prizes to inventors that exhibited for Best Product Concept, Best Market Research, and Best Overall Product.

Summer will be in mid-stride before the dust from the spring shows settles.   The more successful the show, the more work to do following up on product interest and company contacts when we return.  The InventionHome staff is looking forward to a nice, tall drink by the pool sometime in August!

Need help with your Invention – Submit your idea or call toll free 1-866-844-6512.

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National Hardware ShowInventionHome is pleased to announce it will once again sponsor the Inventors Spotlight at the 2011 National Hardware Show (NHS), along with the United Inventors Association (UIA) and Garden Weasel.

This is a “don’t miss” opportunity to show the Hardware Industry your inventive solution for today’s homeowner.  It’s also the chance to learn from industry experts what it takes to commercialize your invention during a free Inventor Seminar.

The NHS is broken into 9 segments focused on the following areas:

Hardware and Tools


Plumbing & Electrical

Lawn & Garden

Paint & Accessories

Tailgate Products

Storage & Organization

International Sourcing

Inventors Spotlight

Should I exhibit my invention?

If you have an invention that brings a new, unique and original solution to today’s homeowner after the home is built, you should consider attending.   The Inventor’s Spotlight is for inventors with prototypes or finished products that can be easily demonstrated.  This year’s theme is “where deals are made.”  Industry experts will award special merit to the following 5 categories: Best New Product, Most Retail-Ready, Most Eco-Friendly, Best Business Potential, and Best for Simplicity & Manufacturability. The winners will be awarded and featured in the Inventor Digest Magazine. The face-to-face meetings with potential buyers/licensees, networking opportunities with industry professionals, and inventor educational seminars are well worth the cost to attend.

Should I attend the free Inventor Seminar?

Any inventors interested in learning more about patenting, manufacturing, licensing, marketing, or selling their products in the Hardware industry should consider attending.  Featured speakers include David Kappos, Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and A.J. Khubani, CEO/Founder of infomercial giant Telebrands.  There is no need to register for this seminar; all inventors attending the show are welcome to attend.

Reserve your booth for the seminar by calling Cheryl Fishbone-Todaro at 203.840.5444.   Exhibit spaces are limited (space will sell out). Patent protection is recommended for exhibiting.

When: May 10 – 12   /   Where: Las Vegas Convention Center

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Licensed by InventionHome to Jasco Products Company, the Recessed Light Extender is now selling under the GE brand by great companies like the Home Depot. 

Order one today – Click Here

When inventors Mark Higgins and Vivian Hurd first conceived the idea of a new invention that would transfer conventional  recessed lighting into directional lighting, they never imagined that one day their invention would be selling in Home Depot under one of the world’s most recognizable brands, General Electric.

The inventors, with the help of InventionHome, licensed their patented invention to Jasco Products Company.  Jasco is a GE licensee of consumer electronic accessories, computer accessories, home electric products, and personal security and surveillance products.  Their products are sold in thousands of retail stores, including Lowe’s, Home Depot, Target, etc. 

Mark and Vivian never aspired to develop, manufacture and sell their invention themselves.  They knew that the financial risks were far too great, and frankly they preferred to team up with a company that already had the knowledge, resources and distribution channels needed to make the invention a success.  So the pair set out in search of licensing opportunities for their invention, and soon teamed up with InventionHome whose streamlined marketing program quickly brought exposure to their invention, and ultimately, the license with Jasco.   

 It is every inventor’s dream to see their product on retail shelves, and inventors Mark and Vivian are very close to realizing that dream.  Says Vivian, “It is such a thrill to see our invention come to life and be packaged under such a well-known brand as GE.  The potential for financial success is now very real for us.”

For Help With Your Invention, call InventionHome – 1-866-844-6512.

Addtional info at…





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InventionHome is pleased to announce it will be a sponsor of the Inventors Corner powered by Brainchild Marketing at the 2011 International Home + Housewares Show at McCormick Center in Chicago on March 6 – 8.

The Inventors Corner is a high traffic area of the show where buyers and licensing professionals seek out unique new products to invigorate their product lines.  With over 60,000 professionals in attendance and 2,000 exhibitors, the Home and Housewares Show is one the largest tradeshows in the United States and a perfect opportunity to introduce your invention to the Housewares Industry. 


Who should attend the show?  Inventors interested in…

1. Exhibiting their inventions / products (Reserve your booth by calling Lori Posey at 724-972-1149)

2. Educational sessions and critiques of their invention from industry professionals


Inventor 411 sponsored by InventionHome 

You will have the rare opportunity to network and hear industry experts speak on topics related to Direct Response TV marketing, pitching and negotiating, and licensing your products. This is a “must attend” event for anyone planning to commercialize their invention.  The Inventor 411 sessions will be held on March 5th from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (Price: $99 for exhibitors and $249 for non-exhibitors. Continental breakfast is included.)


Inventors Revue

Get personal advice from the experts that know what it takes to get a product sold.  The Inventors Revue lets you pitch your product to two different panels of marketing and product development professionals who offer feedback on how to position and promote your product.  (Price:  $99 per pitch before March 1st or two free pitches with booth purchase.)



Inventors with prototypes or finished products that can be easily demonstrated should consider exhibiting.  Exhibit spaces are limited (space will sell out).  Booth purchase includes two product pitches at the Inventors Revue.  Patent protection is recommended for both exhibiting and the Inventors Revue.  The overwhelming majority of inventors that exhibited at past shows agree that the benefits far outweigh the costs. 

“I could not have imagined the benefits of three days in the Inventors Corner for me and my invention.  Awesome!” 

Noel Ross, EZStringer

“It is worth ten times what we paid for the booth!  The contacts made and the contracts signed are invaluable.” 

Stephanie Vlahos, VTT Products 

For more information on exhibiting, Inventor 411 or the Inventors Revue:

Please contact Lori Posey from Brainchild Marketing at info@brainchildmarketing.biz or 724-972-1149.


When: March 6-8   /   Where: Chicago’s McCormick Center

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In this business, inventors and companies alike strive to develop another runaway hit TV product like the Snuggie®, “America’s favorite blanket with sleeves”.  We at InventionHome can attest to the hard work and incredible good fortune it takes to get a shot at infomercial success.  We’re hoping that a new television campaign starting this week will turn “rags to riches” for our inventor Daria W.

Daria’s product, which she dubbed “The Cargo Sling” caught the attention of Allstar Marketing Group, maker of the celebrated Snuggie.  After a few modifications to the product, a spiffy new name, and completion of a test infomercial, it’s now sink or swim time as Allstar tests the 2-minute commercial on national television this week.

The product, re-named “BundleBuddy”, consists of a band of Lycra material with integral pockets.  It slips easily around auto seats to provide a secure way to hold down everything from groceries, to purses, to take-out food.  No longer will your belongings be thrown onto the car floor when you brake suddenly or take a sharp turn. 

View commercial.


So we ask you to send good karma, happy thoughts, and maybe even order a Bundle Buddy for yourself, and let’s root on fellow inventor Daria!

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As another year draws to a close, let’s take a minute to recall January 2010 when the year was shiny and new and anything seemed possible.  We had so many good intentions to change bad habits, spend more time with family and friends, pursue a new hobby or start a new business.    Many of us went so far as to make resolutions to accomplish these ideals.

For most of us, that’s as far as we got. We resolved to lose weight and then kept on eating the same foods and sticking to the same fitness plan (grocery shopping is a workout, right?)  We were determined to get out of debt but that flat screen television was on clearance for just 4 easy payments and no interest for a full year!  We promised our kids we would build that new model car together, but winter turned to spring and suddenly practices and games once again consumed all the available family time.

Now, there are a few of you out there that did manage to succeed in attaining your goals for 2010.   If you aren’t one of them and you plan to take another shot at resolution making in 2011, it’s important to look at these resolution fulfillers and learn what sets them apart.   Since every personality is different, it’s impossible to pin down a characteristic that ensures resolution success.  However, there is one thing all the success stories have in common– they all took that first step that eventually lead to success—  the first aerobic class, the first cessation meeting or the first draft of a business plan.

If you are an inventor, the start of a new and shiny year may be the perfect time to resolve to succeed with your invention.   We invite you to take that first step to learn how to license your product for royalties with very little risk. 

Call us at 1-866-844-6512 to learn more. You’ll be glad you took the first step.

For more information about Invention Home you can visit the following websites – http://twitter.com/inventionhome, http://inventionhome.blogspot.com/, http://mvelette.wordpress.com/, http://www.facebook.com/invention.home


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The second week of October proved to be an exceptionally busy week for InventionHome’s marketing & licensing department, which netted an incredible FOUR license agreements in one week!  With the additional four agreements finalized, InventionHome marketing and licensing successes now stand at 117.  2010 is shaping up to be their highest performance licensing year on record with a 100% growth rate over 2009.

The four agreements mentioned include products called the Bead Bender, Lawnmower D’Light, Step Ramps and Cargo Sling.  Each of the license agreements was born by the hard work and dedication of an independent inventor.  Two of the licensed inventions fall into the automotive/vehicle category.  They were both licensed to a company that focuses on motorsports products.  The company hopes to see both products on the market by third quarter 2011.  The third licensed product can best be described as a headlight for a lawnmower.  A company with strong ties to Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sears, etc. licensed the product with hopes that their customers will embrace the clever device.  Our fourth licensed product may be featured on a television infomercial coming soon!  We can’t disclose too many details.  Suffice it to say that the simple product will keep your car nice and tidy.

These four licenses exemplify the effectiveness of InventionHome’s marketing program.  Granted, not every invention is going to succeed.  But InventionHome has laid the framework to get invention details into the hands of key decision makers at thousands of companies.  By developing streamlined processes both to share invention details, and also to assist companies with any interest inquiries, InventionHome has become a respected resources for companies seeking new products for license.

Call 1-866-844-6512 for information on licensing your invention for royalties!


For more information about Invention Home you can visit the following websites – http://twitter.com/inventionhome, http://inventionhome.blogspot.com/, http://mvelette.wordpress.com/, http://www.facebook.com/invention.home


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InventionHome is pleased to be a sponsor of the Toy and Game Inventor Expo (TAGIE), the only Industry event designed exclusively to help the new toy and game inventor and entrepreneur by providing networking and educational opportunities. 


Independent inventors are an important source for new products to the Toy Industry, but because the industry relies heavily upon professional toy developers for new products it can be difficult for independent inventors to find a way in.  This conference gives inventors the chance to meet with companies that don’t accept unsolicited inventions. 

Inventors are encouraged to participate in this two-day event and learn the ins and outs of launching a new toy or game.

TAGIE 2010 will be held on Thursday, November 18th and Friday, November 19th at Chicago’s beautiful and historic Navy Pier.

Full Registration includes:

  • Admission to all TAGIE Conference Sessions and Events
  • 1 table for exhibiting your invention
  • 2 Breakfasts
  • 2 Lunches
  • 1 ticket to The Toy and Game Inventor Awards Dinner held at the Museum of Science and Industry (a $185.00 value)
  • 2 day admission to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair on Sat. November 20th and Sun. November 21st


To learn more or to register to attend email – info@chitag.com.

You won’t want to miss the welcome address by Jill Moore, Inventor Relations for Disney Consumer Products or the chance to mingle with decision-makers from Hasbro, Sears and more!  TAGIE even offers the opportunity to dine with the experts and meet with them one-on-one!  As a bonus, plan to spend the weekend in Chicago and enjoy the Chicago Toy and Game Fair, the largest toy and game event in the USA open to the public.

InventionHome will be in attendance at TAGIE seeking more opportunities for our inventor’s toy products and inventions. 

We hope to see you there!

For more information about InventionHome.com visit – http://inventionhome.blogspot.com/, http://mvelette.wordpress.com/, http://www.startupnation.com/community/InventionHome, http://www.facebook.com/invention.home, http://twitter.com/inventionhome.

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Invention services provider InventionHome.com finalizes its 100th agreement, reaching a major milestone in the business of marketing and licensing inventions and invention ideas. InventionHome continues to drive marketing and license agreements for its clients, differentiating itself as a true industry leader.

Monroeville, PA. April 30, 2010 – InventionHome is pleased to announce the execution and completion of its 100th marketing and licensing agreement. “Leaf Wizard,” an innovative lawn & garden product, marks this centennial agreement for InventionHome.  This item, featured here (Click to View), is slated to appear on QVC this fall.

“We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings seven years ago,” said InventionHome president Russ Williams. “Our network of companies relying on us for innovative products has hit a critical mass, which enables us to easily generate interest on original and ground-breaking inventions and invention ideas.”

InventionHome has become a trusted resource for inventors who need assistance with patents, designs, marketing, license negotiation and agreement maintenance. 

To request a free inventor kit, click FREE Inventor Kit or call 866-844-6512.

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SnuggieTM creator breaks ground on new product infomercial Allstar Marketing Group is well-known for creating successful TV products such as the SnuggieTM, the Topsy Turvy®, and the Perfect BrownieTM. We’re hopeful that their next big success will have roots with InventionHome.

The infomercial giant recently licensed an InventionHome product, and they are slated to begin production on the infomercial in early May. Although we can’t disclose product details at this time (we’re sworn to secrecy), we CAN provide a list of criteria that are used to evaluate a products’ potential infomercial success.

Take a look.

  • Does the product have mass appeal? (Would many people buy it?)
  • Does the product demonstrate well? (Would it make an interesting demo?)
  • Is there sufficient markup potential? (Most ‘As Seen on TV’ products have a four to five-time markup) Does the product solve a real problem? (Ideally will provide an immediate benefit…not just a preventative/potential problem)
  • Would the product likely sell for $19.99? (Higher retails might be considered for a longer-format TV spot, but $19.99 is an ideal price point)

If you believe that your invention would make a good infomercial product, InventionHome can help approach Allstar and other companies seeking new, TV-worthy items. 

Click to Request FREE Info Kit –   or call 866-844-6512

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